The firm was established in the Agency Castelletti Insurance Lloyd Adriatico in Casale Monferrato (General Agent Castelletti Rag. Luciano) An innovative idea of condominium management in order to ensure the user with a multi-package linked to the house in general.

Over the years, our service & egrave; also been extended from the pure administration-house real estate for sale (selling apartments Casale Monferrato), property leasing (rental accommodation in Casale Monferrato) and asset management, as well as the already active service insurance of real estate.

Thanks to the inclusion in the operational team of the Geom. Gabriele Trambaioli and subsequently of the Geom. Alessandro Balzola implemented the design and development services through rendering. Today, thanks to virtual reality, our customers can preview the renovation of their home.
For twenty years the Castelletti brothers have been dealing with real estate services, backed by the collaboration of professionals in the sector who make their home buying experience easier every day.
Your home needs us!